Cassadega is a small Florida town located at coordinates 28° 57′ 59″ N, 81° 14′ 9″ W. I know this because the unincorporated town did not register on the GPS and my partner, a lifetime boy scout, found the coordinates online. We typed it into the GPS and it surprisingly (or magically?) took us there.  

This is a town around a bend-you enter and leave it within seconds. It has one restaurant that donates all its proceeds to charity. After eating lunch there we went to the bookstore/visitors center to get our bearings. We purchased some cards, candles, fertility goddesses, and inquired about psychic readings. They pointed us to a white board in the back of the room where available mediums listed their phone numbers. We made some calls and ended up going to first person who answered the phone: Hazel. 

While rubbing my ring in her oiled hands Hazel communicated with my grandmother, told me things about my partner that I did not tell her, told me things about myself I already knew, told me things about myself that were way off, and things I didn’t know. According to her I will have one little girl and another child of unknown gender. “But no more” she fervently exclaimed. “Are you sure?” I anxiously asked. “Why do you want to complicate your life, honey?” she answered. My heart sunk into my ankles for a minute until I realized that I should be grateful she is seeing anything. Some days I can barely get past the uncertainty that thinking about decorating a nursery, baby names, and stretch marks feel like a pipe dream.

Overall it was a day full of sunshine, spiritual blessings, and refreshing creative energy topped off with a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup sunday at Friendly’s. 

Fertility Goddess                                                 Fertility Goddess