What can I say after our very first “V list” outing but that I can already tell going down this list is going to be a bright spot in my black abyss.

What better way to take a girl’s mind off her barren uterus then a trip to a spiritualist camp in the middle of rural Florida?

I was upset that the physchic only “felt” one child coming from me (though I guess one is better than nothing!) And the more I think about what she said, the more I have to wonder if even that one is coming.

What she said (after she came out of the spirit world for a moment to answer her phone and make plans with her daughter) was “I definately feel one strong willed little spirit around you that has A LOT of energy.”

My first thought was, “You know, I think you might be feeling my dog.”

I suppose only time will tell. I’m going to look at my calendar now to see when we can go ride some rollercoasters. We should take a picture next to the “No pregnant women” sign they have posted before you get in line. Oooh maybe we can make it into a t-shirt?

P.S. Peggy the fertiity goddess is stil snuggled happily in my purse.