I do not control the universe (as previously thought in my teenage years). After our day of riding roller coasters I can’t stop thinking about what a perfect metephor roller coasters are for our predicament. And not only in the obvious way that doing assisted reproduction is definately a ride, but also, you just have to strap yourself in, bear down and hope for the best. The only thing you really have control of is whether you scream or hold your breath, open or close your eyes. You can’t force the end result, you just have to lean into the turns when they come and try not to fall out. Okay, I think my metaphor may have fallen apart (like my reproductive organs! HA!). When we first started trying to get pregnant two years ago? three? (I’ve lost count now). I thought that if I just read about the right time to get it on I’d be able to make everything go according to my plan. But that’s not how things turned out and why I’m now seeking adventure in the form of giant metal thrill rides.

I like how Alisa put it in her last post. We are not freaks. (Pictures of us dressed up in costumes at the library notwithstanding) We’re just a couple of women who want to have a baby or two. Is that so much to ask? Can I PLEASE see an article in the paper that just says, Hi I’m Jane Doe and without modern science I would not have been able to have a baby? Instead I read articles, like the one in USA Today, shaking their fingers at the women and doctors who transfer bushels of embryos. Making it seem like the women and docs are so greedy. The article seemed to be saying the responsible thing is to just implant one. I almost choked on my chocolate chip cookie! If that reporter had to pay upwards of 12K on each cycle I bet my bad fallopian tubes she’d change her mind.

P.S. Seriously, how funny was it that we were climbing onto roller coasters talking about cycles and hormones? And, I’m willing to bet that man had never heard someone say the word infertile, let alone say it in a theme park.