Roller Coaster Day


Steph and I often talk about how reproductive challenges are like riding a roller coaster… so what better way to embrace our situation than riding a bunch of thrilling, terrifying roller coasters?!

Dressed in v-neck t-shirts with large, silver, sparkly, spray painted V’s and visors with puffy silver and pink V’s painted on them, we spend a Monday afternoon jumping from roller coaster to roller coaster in Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventures. Surprisingly, yet unsurprisingly, we only received one comment on our attire from a 70-ish year old man who said, “I’ve heard of the A-list and the B-list but the V-list is way on the bottom. Why do you want to be there?”

We don’t actually. We would much rather have kids without the emotional, financial and physical strain Assisted Reproduction entails. However, these are the only ovaries, uterus, and sperm we have at the moment. While the media paints negative pictures of the reproductively challenged as selfish because we don’t adopt, haphazard because we are putting our bodies through ‘experimental’ procedures, and freaks who want octuplets, the V-List is here to shed some light on the biased, fear mongering way of thinking. V is a perfectly respectable letter, even if it isn’t at the top. We are here to invert the reproductive alphabet. We are here to put the fun in infertility.