Fran in the big city

Some adVenturs must be done alone… like defrosting some snow babies for a second round of IVF. Fran missed Peggy and her sushi eating, skydiving ways, but had a nice short visit to Chicago. She went shopping on the Magnificent Mile, met a friend for dinner and had the most delicious calamari of her life, saw Second City for the second time, and watched five hours of Golden Girls. Could life get any better? Yes, yes it could. A positive pregnancy test would be the whipped cream and cherry of the weekend (as opposed to the bread and butter).

Not many people can say they had such a fun-filled weekend when they conceived. The most exciting story I ever heard is a friend who conceived after an Eagles victory. If one of the two embryos implant they will have a story, alright. One like no other and yet like thousands of others…