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Steph and V-dude Danny ride the Top Thrill Dragster while on official adoption business trip.

Steph and V-dude Danny ride the Top Thrill Dragster while on official adoption business trip.


garage-sale-signsEverything these days turns into a metaphor for infertility or adoption. Nothing is exempt, even our early morning garage sale-ing adventure (followed by bacon, and eggs of course). The thing about garage sales is you have no idea what’s going to be out there, what you’ll find or even what you’ll want.

V-dude Danny accompanied us on the adventure, after making sure he wouldn’t be interrupting girl time. Alisa valiantly drove and put up with Danny and I shouting and pointing every time we saw one of the coveted posterboard signs. She turned on a pin like a pro.

But then, aren’t we training ourselves to do just that every day we take on infertility and adoption? With my adoption process I feel like there’s always something coming around the corner. I’m learning new things all the time. It’s quite exciting actually. It’s fun to imagine the bedtime story I’ll tell my child about how they came to be with us. How we flew across the world to come and get them. There are so many factors I can’t possibly predict, so I kind of just have to keep following the signs and trust that I’ll know what to do when I get there.

Which brings me back to garage sales, really there’s a point hidden in here somewhere. There’s just no way to know when you follow a garage sale sign, if what lies ahead will be disaapointing, hold a hidden treasure or whether you’ll spend ten minutes trying to figure out if someone’s old duct taped mirror would look good in your bathroom. You can’t set off to garage sales looking for a specific outcome or item because you will only be disapointed. You just have to trust that you’ll know what you want when you see it, like the krimping iron set we found. Or conversely that you’ll know what to pass up, such as a set of Girls Gone Wild videos and Penthouse lighter/knife combo.

And even, if after all that time, and all those u-turns and confusing neighborhoods all I come away with is two rolls of wrapping paper, well that’s okay too, because I got to spend a few hours giggling with a couple of my favorite people.

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