Happy Holidays from the V List!

We carefully sit on Santa’s lap, trying not to put too much weight on his legs. The bell on Stephanie’s embroidered “Jingle” shirt rings. The rhinestones on my snowwoman shirt glisten underneath the mall’s florescent lights. We giggle but Santa thinks nothing of our tacky shirts and 30-something selves sitting on his lap. What do you want for Christmas?” he asks.

“A healthy baby.” I tell him.

“Sounds like a nice present. And what about you?” he looks at Stephanie.

“A healthy baby.”

“Are you also expecting?” He asks.

“No, we’re adopting.”

“That is wonderful, it is something… I hold… very, very close to my heart.”

Santa gets it. His beard is real, his eyes are sparkly blue, and his breath smells like snow so I feel pretty confident that our wishes may actually make it to the person in charge.

We believe that the best gifts don’t come under the Christmas tree so, in that spirit, please enjoy this playlist we made featuring little ditties that we feel represent infertility and the V List in one way or another. Pull up your hookah, tissue box, 80s leg warmers, skydiving parachute and karaoke machine. Click on the “Pop-Out Player” button below… enjoy… and may all your wishes come true.

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