Happy Year of the Tiger!

The Chinese New Year is a time where families purge their homes of ill-fortune in hopes to make way for good incoming luck.

To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, Stephane and I went out for lunch (Chinese). As we sipped our Jasmine and Lavender tea we reflected on how much luck has evolved for us. A year ago luck meant a positive pregnancy test. This year it isn’t something to attain, it is something infertility presented to us. In all of our unlucky (and between the two of us there is aplenty) we actually feel lucky for the unlucky. It showed us a new way of being, a revived perspective to the world that makes us feel a deeper sense of joy and appreciation for what we do have. Luck isn’t something we look for ahead, rather within.

So, what does the Year of the Tiger mean for infertiles?

Tigers are a sign of bravery. They are also gracious, independent and powerful.

Need I say more?

Wishing you a Year of the Tiger like no other. May your luck be discovered rather than attained. May your bravery carry you through the next cycle. May your innate power help you through the adoption process. May you remember that you are not alone and there there are millions of Tigers just like you out there.