This kind of shot won’t help you get pregnant but…

We were on an official business trip to Orlando when we decided to take a sidetrip to a place called “Funtown”.  It’s the sort of place where teenagers hang out at night because there’s nothing else to do. At noon on a Monday, we were the first and only ones in line.

When the high school kid opened the gate we nonchalantly walked through, even though there’s nothing nonchalant about two thirty-somethings waiting in line for a thrill ride on a Monday afternoon. We walked straight back to the slingshot and found a tiny woman running it. “Ready to ride?” she asked.

The slingshot is a simple enough contraption. Two towers shoot high into the sky like giant antennae with a capsule swinging between them on long cables. There were two people already on the ride. We watched them get flung impossibly high into the air. “So,” the tiny woman asked again. “Ready to go?” I gulped and told AlisaI had to go to the bathroom first, just in case.

Ten minutes later we climbed onto the platform and strapped in. Every time I climb into some contraption to get an adrenaline fix, I have a moment of doubt. What the hell amI doing? Did I really just climb onto a plastic platform molded to look like hot lava? Even though I know in a few moments I will feel pure joy and exhiliration, my stomach goes gooey with fear. What if the cable breaks? What if I slide out of the harness? What if something goes wrong? (It IS a theme park run by and for teenagers afterall.)

They are familiar feelings. I’ve felt them many times over the past four years trying to have a baby. What if it never happens? What if something falls through? Am I really in MOSCOW!?

The only thing I could ever do, is take those “what ifs” put them in my pocket, and keep going. So there we were, harnessed into a little capsule side by side, about to be flung 360 feet into the sky. The absolute only thing to say when the tiny lady, with her finger on a button, asked again, “Ready?”

Yes. No. Yes. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………………………….