Did Cinderella pusha stroller in glass slippers?

Times are a changin, for us anyway. Leaving for an adventure now includes the additional challenge of coordinating with naptimes and remembering to bring cheerios and a sippy cup.

We set off for a morning of shopping in Alisa’s mini-van. I’m using to tooling around in a little red Mazda so I marveled at all the space. (Two strollers fit in the back—with ROOM to spare! Weeeee!)

Our first stop was Designer Shoe Warehouse. It was my first experience shopping with a freshly walking toddler, he had no interest in riding in the stroller and no interest in following me down the wedge heel aisle. He just wanted to giggle and poke his nose in every shoebox. So I played games and made silly noises to coax him my way. It felt like herding a leprechan.

Back in the clearance area Alisa says, “I think my style is changing. I just tried on a pair of shoes that were. . .practical flats.”

“I know what you mean.” I said. “I don’t really do flat shoes, then again, all my shoes now have to be run-ready to chase after the little imp.”

“Yeah, I mean these are so cute.” She holds up a pair of funky espadrilles with beautiful beadwork on the front. “But can I carry him around in these? Would I push a stroller to the park in these?”

After we finished shopping we went to lunch. The hostess made a slight grimace when we said we needed two high chairs. We fielded comments from the public that ranged from, “Your boys are so cute!” to “Are you sure he should be eating that package of crackers?” We inhaled our entrees in between picking things up off the floor and feeding our little ones. It’s a dance and we are both continually learning it, because the boys are always changing. 

On the way home we kept sneaking looks at the both of them as they slept peacefully in their carseats. I always get choked up in moments like that. I think about all the waiting and wishing and hoping and thinking about him two continents and a ocean away; then here he is, two feet away, sleeping in a carseat. We talked politics while they slept and marveled at how good they were for all the driving and shopping and sitting at a table. I felt content. I looked at my shoes, sturdy with a good tread on the bottom (although I must admit they are pink with a slight wedge heel).  I thought this is just the spot on the trail I’m at right now, the spot that requires practical shoes. Things will always be changing. Andre wil always be changing. I will always be changing. Lucky thing I learned to roll with it.