We arrive at the hang gliding ranch around eleven o’clock in the morning. We’re greeted by a kind ranch hand who tells us that we may not be able to go up today because of the winds. Our hearts sink a little.

“You will have to talk to the owner, Malcolm” he says. “He’s somewhere around here, let me find him. In the meantime, make yourselves at home… there is a bar over there and we just made some more coffee, help yourselves!” Our eyes follow the direction he is pointing but quickly veer because slightly to the left of said bar with coffee, there is… a trampoline.

Needless to say:


The trampoline is exhilarating. Our hearts immediately lift. Even if we don’t have a chance to hang glide this is not a day wasted. No day with a trampoline is wasted (that saying should be on a tshirt somewhere). I forgot how thrilling it is to rebound off of other people’s jumps. Jumping off of Stephanie’s velocity gave me more height and threw in an element of fear because, at times, I felt like I was going to fly off the edge…

We jump for a while before finding out that the glider is indeed going up. We flew over cow pastures and grazed fragrant orange groves. It is always humbling to see the world from above while you are completely exposed to it. On the car ride home we tried to wrap our heads around how just a matter of minutes ago we were mere dots in the sky. We also drove past a Friendly’s.

Needless to say:

For those up north, this Reeces Peanut Butter Cup sundae is no big deal, there are Friendly’s everywhere. But for two northern transplants in the south this is like finding liquid gold.

If anyone is even slightly gloomy about their reproductive status these days we highly recommend the trampoline-hang gliding-reeces peanut butter cup sundae trifecta of fun. We guarantee it will chase the infertility blues away.