The V-list is an ever evolving list of places we want to go and things we want to do. Some of which cannot be done while pregnant, as in, the EPT test is negative, so SCREW IT, I’m going to ride a mechanical bull while drinking gin from a flask…

1. Dye hair (preferably a color found in the rainbow or the Wizard of Oz movie)

2. Paint or stain a piece of furniture

3. Eat shellfish

4. Create secret handshake/hand signal for infertiles

5. Go horseback riding

6. Drink Caffeine until we feel jittery

7. Soak in hot tub

8. Eat cold cuts

9. Clean litter boxes (at local animal shelter)

10. Ride mechanical bull

11. Ride roller coasters

12. Smoke something

13. Eat sushi

14. Visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not Fertility Statue (its worth a shot, right?)

15. Go to Dog Park

16. Get psychic reading

17. Visit Botanical Gardens

18. Go to the Harn Art Museum

19. Visit the Dali Art Museum (since our lives have taken a turn for the surreal)

20. Go to Ikea

21. Go Garage Sale-ing

22. Ride Sling Shot in Orlando

23. Plant an Herb Garden

24. Skydive

25. Join a Band

26. Go Roller Skating

27. Go Parasailing

28. Learn to Line Dance

29. Drink Alcohol

30. Go to Driving Range (to get some aggression out)

31. Choreograph dance routine to Flashdance

32. Karaoke in bowling alley

33. Win a Contest

34. Zip on a zipline

35. Meet a famous person

36. Sneak in somewhere (may be combined with #35)

37. Learn to sew

38. Hang glide

39. Graffiti something

40. Perfect Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Sundae at Home (or drive two hours to the nearest Friendly’s to get one)

41. Kayack

42. Drive a racecar

43. Hang glide

44. Catch a fish

45. Canoe somewhere

46. Get Motorcycle license

47.  Attend a Monster Truck Rally (wearing a custom-made monster belt buckle.)

48. Go tubing and/or water skiing

49.  Learn to Belly dance or Tango or other sexy dance

50. Take trapeze lessons

51.  Jump on a trampoline until we’re dizzy.

52.  Drag race mini-vans