While the details of our fertility stories are different, we are joined by the fact that we can’t have children the easy way. Needing modern science to intervene in baby making, or not being able to just have kids, is a perilous path, something we did not ask for, and is fraught with emotional, physical and financial sacrifice. After months of sitting in somber waiting rooms in fertility clinics, feeling sorry for ourselves, grieving our losses, and sharing stories of resentment, we decided to reinvent this dark time into one saturated with light.

Since struggle with fertility can quickly suck the joy right out of life, we wanted to inject some back in. And the V-List was born.

This is a list of activities we couldn’t do if we were pregnant mixed with things we keep talking about doing but never get around to actually doing (like jumping out of planes and visiting pyschics in rural towns). This is a celebration of our meantime, our seemingly never ending state of in-between doctors appointments, IVFs, procedures, trying, trying again, and waiting for test results or the adoption agency to call and say there’s a child waiting.

On a deeper level, this list is a list about living life to the fullest every day. This list is a tribute to life–our own life, the ones we may create, and the ones we may adopt. 

What is on your V-List? Contact us (below)! We want to hear from all 7.3 million of you.

In uterine unity,

Stephanie & Alisa